Cause for concern over unbearable stress felt by teachers

Cause for concern over unbearable stress felt by teachers
Late february saw the launch of Welbee’s UK school staff wellbeing survey – a flagship investigation designed to change the conversation around staff wellbeing in schools and encourage real change in the industry.

So why do we need to carry out this survey? 
Well, another recent poll suggested that two-third of teachers said they felt under increasing pressure to help pupils catch up as they returned to school following the latest - and hopefully last - Covid-19 lockdown.

Those figures, from insurer Ecclesiastical Insurance, suggest this could lead to a staffing crisis for UK schools as teachers buckle under "unbearable pressure.

Meanwhile, over half of the teachers polled (56%) said the pandemic had increased their workload, with two-thirds finding the third lockdown more difficult in terms of providing online lessons, supporting pupils to cope with online learning fatigue and meeting expectations of online learning.

41% of staff said these pressures combined had resulted in them struggling to cope with their job and 34% of teachers are actively considering their future in the profession.

It will be fascinating to see if our survey results mirror these alarming findings. 
With over 7500 respondents, it is going to take time for us to review all the finding, including some 500 A4 pages of comments!

Our evidence built survey covers a wide variety of staff wellbeing issues, covered by the HSEs management standards approach. From the demands staff face, workload pressures, expectation management and the availability of manager and peer support, to problems such as bullying and harassment – matters of enduring importance which have taken on a new intensity in the age of Covid-19.
Mark Solomons, Founder and CEO of Welbee has this to say.
"The Ecclesiastical Insurance poll results are no surprise. The added workload on top of what was already too much have had a clear impact. I know from talking to many school leaders and staff over recent months that the lack of appreciation or understanding about this is also a big issue.

The incredible job all staff have done in keeping schools open and delivering remote learning is simply not recognised in the way it should be by too many parents, other key stakeholders and Government. We have to address this and the causes of workplace stress and poor wellbeing. It's why we decided to run our survey and use the management standards as they are still the best way to review an effective workplace." 

When the results are in, Welbee will harness the data to shape its own efforts to effect real change in the nation’s schools.