Welbee launches UK school staff wellbeing survey

Welbee launches UK school staff wellbeing survey


“High time wellbeing is taken seriously”  

Welbee launches UK school staff wellbeing survey

Educational staff wellbeing specialist Welbee, has announced the launch of a UK school staff wellbeing survey.

The 10 minute survey will provide anonymous feedback and has been designed to encourage “real change” in the industry.

It is expected to highlight the need for greater support for the wellbeing of teachers and school staff whilst raising awareness of the true challenges faced by all teachers under the current circumstances.

“This survey is frankly of national importance,” explains Welbee founder Mark Solomons. 

“Whilst everyone across the UK has felt the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers and school staff have faced a unique set of challenges.

We need to raise awareness of school staff mental health and wellbeing during the ongoing pandemic and we need to hear their feedback in order to make things better for educators across the UK."

It is high time that the wellbeing of teachers and school staff is supported effectively and taken seriously. We’ve all heard the self-care quotes, we know we can’t pour from an empty cup but we need to take action and that starts by properly listening.”

The anonymous data and feedback from the survey will inform Welbee’s efforts to place the wellbeing of school staff high on the agenda in a bid to drive real change.

Welbee is using a recognised process, comparing the results of their survey against the Health and Safety Executive benchmark, to highlight areas of concern.

Welbee will share the findings of the survey with the Secretary of State for Education, teachers’ unions, and the press.

Invitations to take part have been emailed directly to staff across all settings and roles. If you work in a school and have not received an invitation then you can request one by emailing support@welbee.co.uk