“2020 tumultuous for teachers” report says

“2020 tumultuous for teachers” report says

The impact of the pandemic has been a challenge to everyone, that much is clear.

However, until fairly recently, it seems the media hasn’t really paid much attention to the teachers who are fighting this virus on the frontline.

Or certainly not to the levels we at Welbee believe is warranted.

So it was refreshing to see the Guardian's education correspondent Sally Weale excellent piece shedding some much needed light on the challenges our teachers face earlier this week.

The Guardian reached out to teachers to share their experiences with over 200 feeding back with familiarly sad stories, expressing anger and despair.

“I’m tired, exhausted and full of fear,”

“I have felt a bit like a hamster on a wheel with a sharp sword poised above me,”

“A slow walk to madness or death,”

It is shocking but sadly, not surprising, here’s one reply which makes for very uncomfortable reading;

“I feel ignored and voiceless,” said another Lancashire teacher. “My concerns about safety and workload are dismissed, my worries mount, and I’m expected to carry on as normal. I’m losing the battle to stay positive.”

At Welbee we talk with so many Heads and school leaders, as well as staff, and we are amazed at how they have all stepped up and kept schools going and under such extreme pressure.

We are proud of them as a whole body and I don't think parents or the Government understand what it has been like working in bubbles, isolated from colleagues and managing the almost daily changes coming out from the Department for Education. 

You can read the full hard-hitting report here, it is an excellent, worrying and at times, a damning insight into the situation so many teachers are up against. We are just thankful that the mainstream media is indeed listening, hopefully this can be the start of a better future for teachers in terms of their perception and the understanding of the unique challenges they face.

Responding to the comments, a Department for Education spokesperson said: 

“We recognise the challenges schools are facing and are enormously grateful to teachers and other school staff for the resilience and commitment they have shown in supporting children through the pandemic.”

Here’s hoping the great british public recognise it too.