Teacher wellbeing specialist joins TeachMeet Icons panel

Teacher wellbeing specialist joins TeachMeet Icons panel

Educational staff wellbeing specialist Welbee has announced a new partnership with TeachMeet Icons, the international provider of 'teachmeet' events by teachers for teachers. 

Welbee was founded in 2018 by Mark Solomons, who has been working with school leadership teams to improve culture, leadership and staff wellbeing since 2009. 

He and his team have distilled and applied years of knowledge and research into Welbee as part of their mission to improve staff wellbeing. Their survey, and new feedback tool, Welbee ‘Voice’ provide simple to use systems to encourage anonymous and open conversations. Together with their expert support they help schools systemise improving the wellbeing of their staff and release the significant performance and financial benefits this brings.

The not for profit TeachMeet Icons provides free continuous professional development for teachers within specific subject domains. Their event leaders are experienced and passionate full-time educators, who bring their own “twist” to each event. 

The new partnership between Welbee and TeachMeet Icons will see Welbee sponsor all subjects meetings covering up to 50 online events over the next 12 months.

Mark Solomons explains;

“We love the concept of teachmeets and especially what the team at TeachMeet Icons is doing to advance professional development in an inclusive, friendly and warm community. Right now there tends to be a greater focus on pupil wellbeing, which is of course absolutely critical, and we must be careful not to lose sight of the need for the same for all staff in schools too.

That is why we have developed a process to systemise improving staff wellbeing, including our feedback tool, Welbee Voice which is quick and easy to use and encourages anonymous and open conversations. 

We’ve designed our service working with schools to ensure leaders are better able to understand the specific pressures staff face, share concerns and ideas and ultimately drive a positive change in engagement and results. We are looking forward to working with Teachmeet Icons as it will help us to get closer to the issues that teachers face and in turn help us to develop further resources that will be beneficial to them and their schools."

Tom Rogers, a history teacher and director of TeachMeet Icons said:

"I'm delighted that Welbee have chosen to become a key sponsor of teachMeet Icons. Teacher wellbeing is a topic that is important to me personally, but also one that teachmeeticons aims to support. We look forward to working with Welbee for all our online events over the next 12 months."

Staff responses from the Welbee survey and Welbee Voice are all stored securely and shared through the schools own online dashboard, including the option for leaders to reply, address concerns, ask follow-up questions or thank staff for their feedback and ideas. Using Voice means there is no limit to the number of conversations, allowing for specific feedback on actions, as well as requesting more general feedback.

For further information, or to access the free Welbee report written by three headteachers sharing 14 ways they have transformed staff wellbeing in their schools, visit https://welbee.co.uk/download-here.

For further comment please email media@welbee.co.uk or call 01277 554 001.