Welbee Company Information

Welbee Company Information

Teacher and staff wellbeing has long played second fiddle to student wellbeing. Yet if you get teacher wellbeing right, then improved student wellbeing and the success of the whole school follow closely behind.

Welbee was founded to support school leaders in creating the best environment where all staff thrive. The problems that schools and their staff face are well known and documented:

  • ⅓ of new teachers leave within 5 years

  • School recruitment targets missed since 2012

  • UK teacher job satisfaction is the lowest globally against comparable economies (IoE)

  • Increasing stress and mental ill-health (up to 1/3 teachers in reports by Education Support and Leeds Birkbeck). It’s the number 1 cause of staff absence. 

  • Workload and demands placed on staff is regularly sited as a key issue, but it is by no means the only one (or even the main one)!

  • School budgets have seen real term reductions and the need to do even more with less

Staff wellbeing contributes significantly to student outcomes and has been shown to be statistically significant in SATs and GCSE performance. Without the right teachers present and delivering their best lessons and with the help of fully engaged support staff, we will never deliver the best and sustainable outcomes for students.

And all this was before the impact, added workload, uncertainty and anxiety that Covid-19 has added!

Measuring the wellbeing of staff was a side line to the consultancy I offered schools on leadership and building a culture that delivered what was needed. 

As more schools asked for help with measurement, I listened to what they were saying. It was clear that so many leaders wanted to take action and just did not know where to start or what to focus on. Rather than simply analysis, they also told me they wanted to see actions they could take and implement quickly.

That’s where Welbee comes in. To make measuring and improving staff wellbeing accessible, affordable and as simple and easy as it can be. Every school needs the benefits of lower staff turnover, lower absences, more engaged and motivated staff, greater discretionary effort, ill-health prevention and reducing costs.

I’m pleased to report that feedback tells us we get this right. To make it even easier for schools to try us, we offer a full money back guarantee too.

For further comment please email media@welbee.co.uk or call 01277 554 001.


Our Products and Services

Welbee Survey

We deliver everything schools need to improve the wellbeing of their staff, from our free learning centre through to our comprehensive survey tool.

Our evidence-built anonymous survey uses the Health and Safety Executive’s Management Standards approach to tackling work related stress and staff wellbeing. A fully automated process following set up, and providing recommended actions, we make it quicker and easier for schools to release the benefits that come from having a more engaged and well workforce.Dashboard & benefits

Welbee Voice

Better understand the specific pressures staff face, allow them to more easily share concerns and ideas and see a positive change in engagement and results.

Welbee Voice allows school leaders to seek staff feedback using anonymous and open two-way conversations. They can invite all staff to participate (in our forever free product) or select specific groups to consult (in our high value, low priced version).

It is simple, easy to use, secure and largely automated. All staff responses are stored securely in one place, with an option for leaders to reply, address concerns, ask follow-up questions or thank staff for ideas.

There is no limit to the number of conversations schools can run. Voice can be used to follow up survey actions, for consultations, to seek feedback, ask for ideas, and in anyway where anonymity is likely to ensure leaders are given the information they need. 

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School Toolkit

Survey customers are also provided with a toolkit they can use to set up quickly and follow up on survey actions to ensure staff wellbeing is simply something that happens every day. This includes:

  • A draft staff wellbeing policy schools can quickly adapt for their needs.

  • A planning template to ensure leaders set effective goals, make the right plan, move quickly to action and set up alerts to track progress.

  • Training and resources that will support the key actions they are recommended to take.

  • A review call with a wellbeing expert to support their planning.

  • Remote support through email, video and phone calls for the next twelve months and through to renewal.


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