The teaching profession faces a battle for hearts and minds

The teaching profession faces a battle for hearts and minds

Barely had the new year begun when once again the only certainty ahead for the teaching profession was yet more uncertainty.

Different sections of the media still swing between backing or bashing Boris depending on their leanings and indeed the latest announcements.

Meanwhile parents and guardians plan and then re-plan childcare, homeschooling and their own work schedules whilst in the middle of this media maelstrom teachers are back to juggling attendance rotas and the ever increasing demand on their time, resources and crucially, their mental health and wellbeing.

Welbee has no interest in joining in with the politics, and while the Government could have done things differently, their desire was clearly to keep schools open. They want to stop young people missing out again on their education and very young children appear less likely to pass on the infection.

Praise for teachers

Whatever the debate that swirls amidst this entire pandemic, the big miss in all of this is relatively simple for Welbee...simple praise and recognition.

We all need to be thanking teachers, staff and leaders for what they have done in keeping schools open and in continuing to educate to the very best of their ability in unprecedented and ever-changing circumstances. 

Amidst the call for closures, amongst the ambiguity, the politics and the pressure, these selfless, talented and hard working people have kept their focus on providing the best possible education given the circumstances.

I saw a post just yesterday from a friend on social media calling for the NHS clapping to resume. It struck a chord with me as it will with many people and I expect we will soon see and hear it again.

I just hope that our teachers and other educational staff are not forgotten for the selfless work they continue to do. 

It is high time we worked together to stop the misconceptions about long holidays and other disparaging remarks and focus on the incredible and inspirational work that the profession is striving to produce and provide.

This negative narrative is sadly one long in the making and it will take time to change it but we will be there supporting the profession as I know will be many more people reading this.

The challenge is winning the hearts and minds of the public, that is where the battle for hearts and minds begins and we think it should start now.